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RedBuyers Pre-Construction Homes
Pre-Construction Homes

Pre-construction homes are homes that are in the process of being built and may take up to 2-4 years to complete. Most developers offer flexible down payment options to help buyers manage their finances during the building process.

RedBuyers Inventory Homes
Inventory Homes

Inventory homes, also known as spec homes or quick move-in homes, are homes that are already built and ready for immediate occupancy. If you're looking for a new home, with immediate occupancy and reduced costs purchasing an inventory home would be a wise investment option.

RedBuyers Assignment Sales
Assignment Sales

An assignment of home sales refers to a situation where the buyer of a property assigns their rights to purchase the property to another person. his typically occurs when the original buyer is unable to close on the property due to various reasons like mortgage disqualification, change in a decision, or even they might want to profit from the market situation.