What is iBuyer?

An iBuyer is a company that uses technology to make an offer on your home instantly. iBuyers represent a dramatic shift in the way people are buying and selling homes, offering in many cases, a simpler, more convenient alternative to a traditional home sale.

How iBuyers operate varies, but the underlying idea is that a company estimates the value of your home and makes an offer. If you accept, they take on the burden of owning, marketing, and reselling the home. Depending on the service you choose, the benefit is the certainty of a firm sale and more control over when you move.

iBuyers are often confused with home flippers, yet the two business models can be very different. Home flippers want to profit from buying low and selling high. They often target distressed properties, make major renovations, and then sell at a significantly higher price.

On the other hand, iBuyers typically focus on homes in good condition. They aim to make an offer fair or slightly lower than fair value with what a reasonable buyer would pay. Ibuyer model is a service fee-based model.

RedBuyers special database of homes that we currently have purchased and the transaction is not closed yet. This database can be accessed by buyers who register with us and have buying approval.

RedBuyers is a technology-based real estate firm, that is redefining the real estate industry by bringing revolutionary changes in the way people are buying and selling their homes. Being one of the most trusted real estate agents, we are focused on providing amazing experiences to all our customers. We’re simply revolutionizing the real estate industry using the most modern technologies to deliver an exceptional customer experience for everyone.

With advanced marketing tools and technology, iBuyers have superior digital platforms, which can offer excellent visibility for your listings. The listings with better visibility and reach have higher chances of reaching more potential buyers, thus making your home sale faster.

You can list with Redbuyers to test the markets for a higher price with our Guaranteed Back-up offer. In the unlikely event, that we are unable to bring an offer higher than our Back-up offer, we will buy your property at the price we promised. That’s our assurance.

What is the benefit of selling to RedBuyers?

With Redbuyers you have multiple options to choose from. You can either accept our CASH OFFER and sell to us or list with us to test the markets for a higher price with our guaranteed backup offer.

Your home value is evaluated carefully by a team of real estate experts who specialize in the market. RedBuyers is able to provide our customers with data-driven and competitive offers. We provide our best effort to give a fair offer.

Yes. Home values will often change based upon market activity, competition and other factors.

Our offers will usually expire in four days from the date of the offer..

The team works hard to make sure that our initial offer is fair and a competitive market price. However, if you feel that we’ve missed something about your home that affects our offer – we want to know. Please feel free to contact your Redbuyers associate and we’ll be happy to re-evaluate your property.

You officially accept our offer by signing the purchase agreement. Once RedBuyers, and the sellers sign the agreement, we are officially under contract. RedBuyers makes it easy to sign your documents online using an electronic signature

Yes. RedBuyers will perform on-site inspection of your home within 15 days of the signed agreement. Typically The Sellers need to cover the cost of inspection. The purpose of inspection is to verify the condition of the home, and identify repairs that will need to be fixed. Cost of the repair will either be deducted from the offer price or seller will repair with a professional prior to closing.

If you select the Cash offer our service fee is 4.9% (service fee may vary). You skip all the hassle of a traditional home sale. Instead, we take on all the typical transaction costs that come with selling a home—including the commission to the buyer’s agent (normally 2.5%), holding costs, closing costs (2-4%), remodeling fees, maintenance fees, taxes, and other costs to list and market the property.

If you select Back-up offer to List with us, our service fee is 3.9% - 4.9%

With this option, you can test your home on the market for a maximum value. A fixed 3.9% service fee is applicable if the property is sold during the 90-day listing period. A sale using our Back-up offer is triggered in the unlikely event that RedBuyers is not able to bring an offer higher than our Back-up offer. Your home sold is our guarantee.

Typical closing will be 60-90 days.

Yes. RedBuyers will perform an on-site or video walkthrough of the property before sending a final offer. You choose if you would like a Cash offer to sell directly to us or a Back-up offer to list with us.


Our Cash offer expires 5 days after receiving your final accurate offer. The final offer is given only after an in-person or video walkthrough of the property.

Our Back-up offer expires if during the 90-day listing period RedBuyers is able to bring an offer higher than our Back-up offer price. If the seller does not accept the third party's offer then RedBuyers' Back-up offer becomes null and void. The seller can request an updated Back-up offer with new terms and conditions.

With RedBuyers, you have two options to choose from. You can either accept our CASH OFFER and sell to us or list with us for a Guaranteed BACK-UP OFFER.

With RedBuyers you always have two options to choose from. You can either accept our CASH OFFER and sell to us or list with us to test the markets for a higher price with our Guaranteed BACK-UP OFFER. Those who want to list for maximum value and guidance from real estate experts should select our Back-up offer.

Why we sell these homes to a buyer before we close the purchase?

We are an iBuying company and we want buyers to be part of our buying team so that we can purchase more homes..

Down Payment Assistance is aimed for investors who don’t want any hassle of renovations and reselling. We take on the hassle and the profits will be shared.

Yes. You fully own the house and pay the mortgage plus TMI. You can pay our money anytime with interest or you share the profit of equity when you sell the property in the future.”

Yes.You can have group of people in the partnership.

What are the benefits of becoming a RedBuyers Partner agent?

Our agent partners are a carefully selected network of highly-rated, trusted agents who go through a rigorous screening process. Partner agents get exclusive benefits like serious buyers and seller referrals and are paid up to 50%.

We do not charge anything to enter the program, and there is no upfront cost for referrals. Partner agents pay referral fee to our brokerage. The fee is a percentage of the agent’s commission and will be specified in the partner agent agreement, typically its 50%, but it varies with our agreement with the partner agent.

No. We do not need our partner agent work under RedBuyers . Agents can work in their own brokerage and can still be a Redbuyers agent partner.

For Partner Agents, types of referrals—buyers, sellers, or both—will vary by market. Actual volume by referral type may vary over time. We have a dedicated in-house marketing team generating strong leads on a daily basis. These leads are then distributed to the agents. We also send quality referrals that express interest in working with a top-rated partner agent to get the most out of their purchase or sale transaction.