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20% or more with the help from RedBuyers.

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What is RedBuyers Down Payment Assistance Program?

RedBuyers Down Payment Assistance

It is a partnership between you and RedBuyers.

As a home buyer, you get funds to increase your down payment to 20% (or more) in return of a portion of your home’s future appreciation or you can pay us back the amount with an interest.

Benefits of Down Payment Assistance program
  • Select from RedBuyers Exclusive properties.
  • 10% down from you, and we put the remaining 10%.
  • You enjoy the home & pay the mortgage.
  • We share the profit when you sell or you can buy us out.
Funds towards down payment

Get the funds towards your down payment

Avoid Mortgage Insurance

Avoid Mortgage Insurance (CMHC, Genworth)

Lower monthly mortgage payment

Lower your monthly mortgage payment.

Early homeownship

Access homeownership earlier.

How Down Payment Assistance program works

Search a house

Using this option, buyers can search for their dream homes through our exclusive listing network and select the homes they want to view. We will show the homes to you.

Buy a house

Is down payment a worry for you? We can partner and buy the home for you. We put an equal down payment for you and buy on a 50/50 partnership.

Own the house

Once you buy it, you enjoy the property exclusively. You pay the mortgage and use the property as your own.

Sell the house
Sell or Pay

When you sell we share the profit equally. If you want to buy us out, you can do it anytime with interest on the amount we pay.

  • RedBuyers – enabled
    20% down
    Buying with under 20%
    Down Payment
  • Reduce your monthly mortgage payment

  • Avoid Mortgage Insurance (CMHC, Genworth)

  • Make competitive purchase offer

  • Gain flexibility without exhausting your savings

  • Buy a home sooner

Buy your dream home with us
(Without Down Payment Assistance)

We get you the best deal for your dream home If you don’t need our Down Payment Assistance option, you still can buy your dream home with us.
Buy a home with RedBuyers

You can search and select from the latest MLS listings or our exclusive listings. Our dedicated team members will guide you through the entire process and provide expert advice at every stage of your buying journey.

Benefits of buying with RedBuyers
  • Helps with mortgage qualification
  • Early access to RedBuyers-owned homes
  • Expert help at every stage

Experience The Modern Way To Buy Your Dream Home

Down Payment Assistance only through our exclusive listings

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