Buy First, Sell Later

With Our Cash Offer As Sales Assurance

An easy way to buy your dream home first, before even selling your current home. We provide a guaranteed sale assurance on your current home, so you can buy your dream home without worrying about sale of your current home.

How It Works?

RedBuyers sales assurance

Step 1

Get our sales assurance

Tell us about your home and answer a few questions. We’ll provide an instant preliminary offer. Schedule an appointment to discuss your available options for buying and selling. We will provide an accurate home assessment and our final sales assurance price after viewing your home.

Step 2

Qualifying for your next home is simple now

With our sales assurance, qualify for your mortgage to purchase the new home. You have complete control over your new home purchase once you secure your mortgage. Start looking for your dream home with the help of our experienced realtors.

Qualifying for next home
Buy now house

Step 3

Buy your new house at ease

With qualified mortgage financing, you can now buy your dream home, without selling your old one. Your finance is secured with our sales assurance.

Step 4

Now list your old house with confidence

Once you purchased your new home, we will prepare your home for sale. We take care of home staging, photography, marketing, MLS listing, and showings to sell your current home for the best price. You have our expert support at every stage of the sale

Listing a house
Guaranteed sales assurance

Step 5

Our sales assurance guarantee

If your home doesn’t sell on the market within 90 days, we’ll buy it from you at the agreed-upon Sale Assurance price.

The benefits of buying first and selling later

Guaranteed Sale

Guaranteed home sale

The main problem you face while buying your dream home is the worry of selling your current house. Our sales assurance provides a sale guarantee for your current home

Easy Financing


With our sales assurance, you can easily qualify for your next house. You can buy your dream house without the stress of financing.

Support all the way


Our local realtor makes sure that your buying and selling at ease. We have not only our realtor to work for you but our entire team behind you to make all process as easy as possible.